With the passing of each year, there comes a wave of change that is seen in everything that is wedding related. There are new wedding trends that are given life every year. Weddings are considered to be one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It symbolizes their union and love for each other and celebrating your wedding day in a trendy way seams more than fitting considering that weddings should only come once, (or twice) in a lifetime. There are so many wedding ideas to choose from and so many ways to find them. The best type of wedding is the destination wedding on the beach. Cancun, for example, offers the best of both worlds.

Go Hollywood!

The main idea when organizing your wedding is to make sure that your wedding is in trend and it also fits your personality as well. We can all take an example from all of the celebrity weddings that have taken place this year. As much as these Hollywood actors can afford, they mostly all choose a very intimate, yet trendy destination wedding. The truth is that there is nothing greater than going on vacation and mixing your wedding with a trendy decor and a dazzling destination wedding on the beach like those that take place in Cancun.

Beachside Trendy Wedding!

Having a beachside wedding is one of the biggest trends in the wedding industry. There might be many reasons why this is a trend, but the truth is that who doesn’t want to get married and have their wedding in Cancun? We know for sure that that question does not need an answer because everyone wants a dream wedding in Cancun!

Seaside Trendy Court Wedding

A great and trendy wedding concept this year is the outside beach court wedding. Besides being able to have your wedding almost anywhere, this is a very elegant choice. This also assures you that if something might go wrong climate-wise you will be able to continue to enjoy your big day with all of your guests. There are so many celebrities that have had beachside weddings. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello had a beachside wedding that was held in a fancy, large white court.

Open Air Trendy Wedding

Another example of a famous couple that tied the knot in a very fashionable trendy wedding location in Mexico in Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. This is the type of trendy wedding scenario that is perfect for two souls that just want to have a great time at their wedding and just dance the night away.

Cancun Trendy Wedding


happy bride and groom on wedding day, outdoor beach wedding in tropics


There is nothing like the sound of the waves slowly reaching their destination repeatedly is a sound that not only calms the soul, but there are mixed tapes made for all to listen all over the world. The soft sand running through your fingers feels warm and divine. There are wedding destinations in Cancun that are so amazing that it relaxes everyone letting their inhibitions loose and even let go. And that is when your guest truly begins to have fun!

Trendy wedding ideas are all around you! You just have to make sure to choose what you want, make your appointments and get everything in order. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but once you will be done, you will be having your dream trendy wedding in Cancun. Happy Planning!